Family Services:

Parent Consultation:

  • Providing consultation and support from an Attachment-based framework to parents and adolescents.
  • Completed several advanced training courses at the Neufeld Institute (all rooted in Attachment-based developmental psychology), including Intensive I & II training, Advanced Intensive Making Sense of Therapy, as well as many others.
  • I strongly believe that parents are the answer for their children, meaning that my job is to empower and inspire you to rediscover your own inner intuition and knowing as parents - resulting in you inspiring your children to grow to their fullest potential.
  • Supporting you to become your child’s answer will not only improve the behaviour, learning and attention of your child, it will deepen your relationship with them, which will ultimately feel more fulfilling to both you and your child.

Accessibility Support:

  • Providing Accessibility support to families where a child is transitioning into post-secondary studies.
  • Review of existing documentation, advising on additional documentation that may be required.
  • Some assessment services may be available, or referred to appropriate qualified external professionals if needed.
  • Assistance in navigating the more independent world of post-secondary institutions, including supporting self-advocacy from an accessibility perspective.
  • Support in accessing & navigating the various community services offered to persons with disabilities in southern Alberta (e.g., PDD, AISH).
  • Support in accessing funding when required.