Thank you for visiting my website! Reaching out and researching professionals who can help can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. However, finding the right fit for you (or a family member) is absolutely critical to achieving the results you are wanting. So allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Dawn Furlong and I am a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists serving Okotoks and surrounding areas. I provide individual counselling services to individuals ages 13 years and up. I have a wide range of experience working with youth and adults from many different backgrounds. I am also very passionate about my work as a parent consultant.

I completed my studies at the University of Calgary in 2007 with my Master of Science in Counselling Psychology. Since then, I have been working primarily in the Post-Secondary field, providing counselling & accessibility services to individuals needing help with personal issues, relationship challenges, parenting difficulties, mental health issues (e.g., depression, anxiety, psychosis, etc.), stress, lifestyle issues, learning concerns, disability-related concerns & supports, crisis, and often a complex overlap of many of these things.

I have been studying with the Neufeld Institute since 2015 to broaden my scope of practice in supporting parents from an Attachment-Based, Developmental model. I have completed the courses Intensive I (Making Sense of Kids) in 2016, Intensive II (The Separation Complex) in 2017, and Making Sense of Therapy (in 2018), among many others, at this institute. I have a strong belief that parents are their children’s answer - meaning that in the right relationship and attachment to their parents children will grow and thrive.

I practice from an integrated-theoretical approach, which means that I value different aspects from a few different theories and incorporate these into my personal style of counselling. I have worked extensively from a Cognitive-Behavioural & Solution-Focused orientation for many years, but now take more of an Emotion-Focused and Attachment-Based Developmental approach in my work with clients. I would be happy to discuss my approach in greater detail during a consultation or at any time during our work together.

I have a strong belief in the therapeutic process. I know that the right connection between client and therapist is essential for growth and change. I pride myself on being able to connect with many different people from many different backgrounds, as I see each individual for who they are, deeply and uniquely, and not as a set of symptoms or labels.

My job is to help you find your own inner inspiration so that you can live your life to the fullest and reach your greatest potential.

Please feel free to contact me for a no-obligation phone or email consultation to see if I am the right fit for you.